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Created in 2006, Qino One Vodka not only supports Fair Trade practices by using Fair Trade quinoa, but we are also adamant supporters of Launched in selective US markets in 2007, Qino One Vodka immediately received high praise for quality and taste from industry arbiters. In addition to receiving awards from The Chicago Beverage Testing Institute, The San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, and an outstanding product evaluation from spirit guru Paul Pacult, Qino One Vodka has the distinction of being one excellent tasting vodka that happens to be made using fair trade quinoa and European rye.

You have to Taste This..


Available May 1st, Qino One Raspberry Flavored Vodka is an entirely natural, additive free product. Our natural raspberry flavor comes from the Mecker and the Heritage varieties, both known to have the greatest aroma and flavor intensity possible. The raspberries are steeped in all natural Qino One Vodka to extract the rich essence of the fruits.
   This raspberry mash is then copper pot distilled to obtain an intense and concentrated raspberry distillate which is finally blended again with all natural Qino One Vodka, creating a perfect natural raspberry flavored vodka. Enjoy Qino One Raspberry neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.


Drink Responsibly With Qino One Vodka

From Good For Party, by Shreyas Shah

I consider myself to be an afficionado of fine spirits, but frankly, I've been getting sick of all the gimmicky new brands out there, particularly in the vodka arena. Every day it seems like some new rich Wall Street guy needs to own his own vanity vodka label. It's getting a little out of control.

Instead of focusing on product quality, most of the new vodkas out there think they can achieve success by branding gimmicks and marketing schemes. Roberto Cavalli Vodka? Are you serious? $60 for 750ml bottle? Are you joking?

That's why it was so refreshing to discover Qino One, a new vodka imported from France. Distilled from organic, fair trade quinoa grown in Bolivia, Qino One gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "drink responsibly."  For those who aren't familiar with quinoa, it's an ancient grain indigenous to South America that has experienced a resurgence among foodies in recent years. Because of its high protein, amino acid, and mineral content, it's considered a "super-food" by nutritionists. Qino One is the only vodka in the world made from quinoa, and that gives it a uniquely delicious flavor profile.

In these times when we are all trying to make responsible choices with what we buy and put in our bodies, Qino One is a vodka you can feel good about. With Qino One you get a product that is environmentally friendly, economically responsible, and tastes amazing. That is Good for Party.

Posted on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 12:52PM by Shreyas Shah in  

Spirited local launch of Qino One vodka

by Frank Mulligan

Tue Feb. 19, 2008

LAKEVILLE - Artist Daniel Cooney was at the Town Offices last week when he learned he may have a new persona.
As he was leaving he heard a woman remark, “Is that the guy with the vodka? I just bought a bottle. It’s very good.”




Photo By Tara Renaud


Spirits Luxist

Posted Feb 13th 2008 2:02PM by Deidre Woollard


One of my favorite grains is the South American grain quinoa, it's got a distinctive nutty flavor. I wonder how that flavor will translate into vodka. Qino One is the first super-premium vodka made from quinoa.


by Deborah Parker Wong


Keen for Qino

Another vodka? Rightly so. This one's made from Bolivian-grown organic quinoa (keenOah), an ancient Peruvian grain that's high in protien, and rye. Nutrition aside (nothing survives distillation and filtration), the quinoa imparts a slightly sweet, nutty aroma and flavor to the spirit while the rye gives it structure and a delayed attack at room temperature. When chilled, the rye takes a back seat to the viscous and nutty almost mineral quality of the quinoa.


Some stellar cocktails created by the bar team at Bong Su -

Last Girl Standing

by Sarah Preston

Bright Pink is the New Pink

Bright Pink founder Lindsay Avner was all smiles at a fundraiser for her year-old organization Friday night at Le Passage.


Just named a "Woman to Watch" by the Sun-Times, Avner is one of those people who radiates a spirit belying her young age. She's not only a strikingly beautiful, svelte brunette; she has a grin that lights up the room—which, on Friday, was filled by a sold-out crowd of 425 partygoers. Other than the pink balloons scattered throughout Le Passage’s newly redesigned space (and healthier-than-average, certified-organic cocktails, courtesy of the fair-trade vodka Qino One), it was a typical night out: mainstream, danceable tunes blaring from the DJ booth; a young, sociable crowd looking to mingle. One single attendee told me: "I'm here to support Bright Pink, but I won't lie. I knew there would be a lot of cute girls here tonight.”